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Mobile real-time SAAS solution for FTTx
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FIBERCLOUD WEB is an innovative cloud-based SaaS fiber network management system, designed specifically to generate growth, optimization of internal processes, automatization of tasks, cost reduction and sustainability all sized telecom operators and community fiber networks. Now you can access and manage all of your critical data in one place. Secure, scalable, affordable, and easy to use.
fibercloud web
fibercloud mobile
FIBERCLOUD MOBILE delivers the network data in real time, and bi-directionaly all the insights you need with just a few clicks. Engineers and field technicians benefit from its simplicity in field survey, network planning, installation, maintenance and expansion.
The core benefits of using Fibercloud
Powerful Data
Have full access network assets and infrastructure from start to finish and in the cloud.
Cost Effective
Our Software as a service platform eliminates the traditional licensing models.
Easy to Use
Fiber network solution designed to get full control of your network, through a centralized database and mobile project software.
Data secure
Fibercloud projects are securely operated in the cloud.
Accurate info
Seamless mobile integration allows accurate information to be captured and relayed from the field.
Fibercloud is brought to you by Weezie.
Weezie is a software house company with a young and dynamic team that provides fiber optic "Smart Tech" and "Utilities" solutions for its costumers. We are a team with a young and creative spirit, supported by a wide and solid R&D team and network experts who will do everything to ensure that our clients will always have a solid and fast response.
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